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The results of the clinical studies upon Jiva ingredients in the battle against the humanity’s gravest afflictions is astonishing. We have attempted to provide a cross reference here by both the specific Jiva Supplement ingredient, and by the illness/disease for which the specific supplement has demonstrated a positive effect.

Hopefully this will help you make an educated decision on what is best for you and your loved ones. Please understand that due to FDA guidelines, we are unable to make any claims that Jiva ingredients assist in any type of healing, but we certainly can share with the public the many dozens of actual clinical studies that have been undertaken in this country and around the world with Jiva’s ingredients. These clinical studies will provide a breath of Hope to many.

Read about the history and benefits of Fermented Soy

Read about the benefits of Jivas Ayurvedic Curcumn, Herbs and Spices

See the Natural Supplements Research web site Cancer Case Histories page for detailed personal stories on the use of Fermented Soy in the battle against cancer.

See the Natural Supplements Research web site Cancer Research page for the technical clinical studies conducted with the ingredients of Jiva supplements.


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